– 6V Solar Panels, 6Volt solar panels, 6V photovoltaic panels,  6V PV module, 6V solar module, 6V solar panels manufacturer and supplier
– Great for charging your 3.7V DC batteries
– High efficiency solar cells
– Positive power tolerance
– Customized sizes, outputs and shapes

Solar panel 6v (or 6 volt solar module, 6V PV panel) are built with the latest most efficient crystalline silicon solar cells or super high efficiency Sunpower solar cells. These solar panels are great for charging your 3.7V DC batteries and ideal for use in off grid applications such as GPS tracking, educational kits, small electronic devices, LED lighting etc.
– With cutting-edge high efficiency solar cells
– Positive power tolerance
– Withstanding challenging environmental conditions
– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant
– Excellent performance under low light environments


Item No.DimensionPmaxVmpImpCell TypeEncapsulation
LK-C005125x135x4.5mm2W6V333mAPoly Solar CellTempered glass
LK-C008180x145x4.5mm3.5W6V583mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-C01395x112x4.5mm1.5W6V250mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-S00185x85x1.8mm1.2W6V200mASunpower Solar CellPET Film
LK-S008D=89x2mm0.72W6V120mASunpower Solar CellETFE Film
LK-XC005170x170x4.5mm4.5W6V0.75AMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC00670x120x4.5mm1W6V166mAPoly Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC007126x80x4.5mm1.2W6V200mAPoly Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC008120x116x4.5mm2W6V333mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC009216x170x4.5mm5.2W6V0.8AMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC010210x135x4.5mm4.2W6V0.7AMono Solar CellTempered glass
LK-XC011145x150x4.5mm3W6V0.5AMono Solar CellTempered glass