we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of sizes, shapes and power outputs to meet our client’s specific requirement, and provide solution support to our customers starting from their initial produce development stage. Our custom solar panels mainly include three catagories – mono/poly crystalline solar panels in latest technology, high efficiency Sunpower solar panels and indoor/outdoor amorphous silicon solar panels.

Mono/Poly Solar Panel

Crystalline silicon solar panel is the most common solar panel in current market. We offer mono/poly solar panel with new technology solar cell, which has higher efficiency and more output than traditional crystalline silicon solar cell. Tempered glass solar panel and PET solar panel available by lamination.frame or frameless solar panel available by different needs.

Sunpower Solar Panel

Sunpower solar panel is the new and popular solar panel in the market now. It adopts U.S.-made high efficiency Sunpower solar cell (efficiency can reach ~ 23%) , which is the highest efficiency solar cell in the world, it can gain more power than traditional solar cell within same area. The surface material of Sunpower solar panel can be PET film or ETFE film. The construction of Sunpower Solar Panel is PET or ETFE / EVA / Sunpower Solar Cell / EVA / PCB Back.